How Can I Save on Renovation Costs in Singapore?

08 Aug 2022

If you’re looking to renovate your home in Singapore, you’re probably feeling the strain of how to save on renovation costs. You probably want to cut down on spending wherever possible, especially when you consider that a big part of this renovation will likely be taking out some walls and adding in new ones. It is simpler to plan a renovation budget that fits your needs and lifestyle when you have some tried-and-true strategies to fall back on. See some advice below:

Have a Budget

Make a thorough budget before starting a project to renovate your property. If your kitchen will be out of use for a time, you may need to account for the cost of a hotel room for a couple of nights or dining expenses. When you have an understanding of the costs, increase your budget by 10% to allow for cost overruns.

Stick to your budget

First and foremost, let’s be clear about this: the phrase “budget” does not automatically equate to “cheap.” It simply means that you have properly budgeted your money and are aware of your spending habits. Prior to anything else, decide on a rough budget that you will be able to spend for your Singapore house makeover.

Once this is decided, you can only assign money to different renovation components. An effective method for managing expenses and guaranteeing accuracy is a spreadsheet. Additionally, while planning a budget for home improvements, it is a good idea to account for any unforeseen expenses. Simple examples include setting aside 10% of your total budget for unforeseen costs. When everything is ready, make sure to try to follow this as nearly as you can.

Get Renovation Permits

It can be easy to forget to obtain building permits for house renovations. The cost of fixing the error, however, can be high. Building inspectors have the power to order you to tear down your renovation and start over if it doesn’t adhere to building codes.

Know Where to Save

You may be tempted to select materials for your home that are on a tight budget or that are very expensive. It is best to consider it as a choice between saving money and splurging it in order to break free from this vicious cycle. Recognize where you should cut costs and where you can slightly splurge to improve functionality

For instance, we advise choosing sturdy fitted furniture to avoid having to redesign it as a result of wear and tear. Similar to this, you can save money on the sort of sink and faucets in the kitchen while still getting a high-quality countertop. So, make wise decisions about where to spend and where to save. This will significantly lower your Singapore renovation expenditures.

Material choice

How significant material choice is to your budget will be properly explained by your interior designer. There are some materials that are quite pricey but can easily be replaced with similar but somewhat less expensive materials. As an example, vinyl flooring can be created for a lot less money than stone or hardwood. Similar to this, choosing wall paint for your rooms over wallpaper could help you save a lot of money.

Reuse Materials

Reusing the cabinetry and equipment is the best approach to reduce the expense of your kitchen renovation. However, you’ll still save a lot of money if all you need to do is give your old cabinets a fresh coat of paint or some new handles and knobs. For some excellent bargains on them, you may also check out websites that let you purchase, sell, and trade. For a unique and entertaining backsplash, get creative with salvaged materials. You might hate the way your cabinets look or think the cabinet hardware is disgusting. Before discarding either, give it some thought. For a fresh look, you can just paint your cabinets, or you can repurpose those fittings somewhere else.

Refinish Floors

If you have hardwood floors or other types of flooring, such as Pergo, you may choose to have them refinished rather than having them replaced. Pick up a liquid etcher to clean the floor and apply a fresh coat of paint for a new appearance. For about $100, flooring may be refinished in as little as a day.

Ask Professional Help

Does everything seem too challenging for you to finish on your own? But you shouldn’t worry. You can always seek out professional advice to get you through this. With the help of interior designers, you can create the home of your dreams. The follow-up after hiring a renovation contractor Singapore can seem straightforward, but it can be a little overwhelming.

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