How Can I Do Renovation in Singapore?

23 Sep 2022

Singapore is one of the most livable cities in Asia, with good infrastructure and reasonable cost of living. The quality of life is further improved with a healthy housing market. As a result, demand for rental properties has grown significantly over the past decade. The city has developed numerous attractive apartment and condominium projects over the years, which are attracting young couples, families and empty nesters looking to invest in an asset with high return potential.

Are you looking for renovation in Singapore? Then, you should be happy to know that there are many options for renovation. With so many choices, it can be difficult to choose the best renovation service provider. To make sure you are hiring the best one, you need to compare all the different options.

How long does renovation take in Singapore?

The majority of renovations are finished in 12 weeks. Up to 95% of the money for your HDB renovation will need to be made during this time. It’s time to consider your financial choices, including savings and loans for home improvements, even before you speak with an ID company. Your spending cap will be determined by this computation, which will also assist you in planning your money.

Don’t forget to budget money for home insurance if you like to be on the safe side. especially since refurbishment and furniture are sometimes not covered by your required HDB fire insurance. Singapore HDB renovations cost homeowners upwards of S$20,000 on average. 

Depending on the size of the HDB and the extent of the work, this varies substantially. Please take note that the rates given in this article are a sample of the costs we anticipate for renovations in 2021. Don’t hesitate to speak with our designers for additional information on precise quotes.

Renovation timeline should go without saying because it aids in estimating your move-in date, particularly for a resale HDB. While your HDB repair is going on, managing costs for alternative housing can be expensive. Because of this, make sure you comprehend the renovation schedule for Singapore homes that is adhered to by IDs.

What Should I renovate first?

Who knows what will occur when you are remodeling one room before moving on to another. If you have to decide which room to rebuild first, pick the one that will generate real equity and allow you to recoup your renovation expenses. 

The best decision, according to experts, is typically to replace your kitchen or bathroom first. Additionally, while remodeling kitchens tends to be more expensive than remodeling bathrooms, it pays off in the long term because of the superior return on investment. What improvements should you make to your kitchen and bathroom, though?

Bathroom renovation

Your best bet for remodeling your bathroom is to invest in new flooring, vanities, and updated bathroom fixtures. Instead of purchasing a new bathtub, you might be able to reduce remodeling costs by reglazing your current one. Details may really make a difference in the bathroom. So whether it’s for a large bathroom or a smaller one, easy modifications like installing gleaming cabinet knobs and getting a brand-new, gleaming faucet for the sink can make a big difference.

Kitchen renovation

Calculate a little bit here based on how your kitchen or bathroom is currently configured. It could not be worthwhile if you spend a particular amount on the full remodel but won’t be able to recoup more from the sale. Upgrades to stainless steel equipment, new granite or quartz worktops, and new hardwood flooring or tiles are all wise investments when revamping your kitchen. You might even be able to reduce the cost of your makeover by renovating your current floors, depending on the state of your current property.

Can I use CPF to pay for renovation in Singapore?

Your retirement needs are what the CPF is for. Your retirement funds were diminished when you used your CPF savings for your house. In light of this, you will be required to pay back the money you borrowed along with any interest that has accumulated when you sell your home. This will replenish your retirement funds. Your property cannot be renovated, improved, or repaired using CPF savings. 

Remember that your CPF savings are for your future retirement needs even while your OA savings can assist you with current home expenses! Use a combination of cash and your OA savings to pay your rent in order to keep some money in your OA where you can earn competitive interest rates. You can use your OA savings as a safety net for your mortgage payments.

The following are some uses for your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) savings:

  • Direct payment of the purchase price of your HDB or DBSS apartment to the HDB, DBSS property developer or sellers (including the cost of the common spaces). 
  • Repayment of the housing loan in full or in part, as well as payment of the monthly installments on the housing loan you took out to buy your HDB or DBSS apartment. 
  • Payment of the stamp duty, legal fees, and additional expenses you incurred in connection with buying or borrowing your HDB apartment or DBSS apartment. 
  • Payment of the fees you incurred to upgrade your HDB apartment through the Town Council Lift Upgrading Program (TCLUP) and/or the HDB Main Upgrading Program (“MUP”), in full or in part, and/or by monthly payments.


The following cannot be paid out your CPF savings:

  • Payment of booking fees, option fees, or deposits to developers or sellers of HDB or DBSS properties. 
  • Whenever applicable, paying the HDB the resale levy. 
  • Payment for your HDB or DBSS apartment’s renovations, enhancements, repairs, or building work. 
  • Payment of your HDB flat or DBSS flat’s monthly service and conservancy fees, which include all rates, taxes, and other fees. 
  • Repayment of debts not for housing.
  • Payment of the purchase price above the value price of the property at the time of purchase, which is lower of the purchase price or the valuation price for resale HDB flats and DBSS flats. 
  • Reimbursement for any payments you made to HDB with your own money to acquire your HDB apartment.

We make use of 3D rendering and animation

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