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16 Oct 2023

Elpis Interior boasts a team of professional and experienced designers, which is evident from the quality and beauty of their home interior projects. They have showcased the ability to create magnificent home ranging a wide variety of themes and moods.

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Their recent interior design project was on a 5-room HDB flat located in Clementi. The home seems like a snapshot of the past, yet it retains such modern elements. The designer chose moody grey tones that interplay nicely with the black and white accents throughout the home, giving it a regal yet industrial look. Let’s take a look at this fantastic home that the designer has put together:


Living room

The space is infused with so much personality while maintaining a clean, contemporary look. The first thing you may be thinking is that the space looks so neat and organized. That is because the designer compartmentalized the space really well so it relieves some visual strain on your eyes. The use of clean lines, such as black-lined panels create a very satisfying visual effect.

It seems that the designer decided to emphasis on the vintage look of the space by including more retro-looking décor while sits nicely between modern decorations.

Even the foyer screams grandiose and elegance, which shows just how attentive the designer is to detail. The lines here are so satisfying, and the use of different textures create a mesmerizing place. Not to mention, the plant as a decoration breaks the neat lines to add in some personality and depth.

Black and white is a very common colour combination because of its timeless look. However, the designer has opted to make grey the backdrop for this home as it creates a much softer and subdued look. It also bridges the two contrasting colours very well.

Not only is this home aesthetically pleasing, it is also very functional. To cater to the family’s active lifestyle, the designer has included a bicycle by the living room, which somehow seems to fit in perfectly with the design of the home.

Speaking of functional, the designer has included a dedicated work space which functions great as a home office. The use of clear glass panels ensures that you don’t feel too confined and isolated in the office as well as creating pleasing black accents in the space.


While the leaving room was rather dim and moody, the kitchen takes on an almost completely different look. It is covered in pristine white cabinets and shelves. However, the designer has included the same black accents as before to create a nice contrast.

There is a lot of functional lighting used in the kitchen which ensures you get sufficient lighting when carrying out various tasks. This is especially important in the kitchen where you’re handling sharp objects and heavy equipment.


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