Consider This Before You Do Home Interior Design in Singapore

Many people in Singapore love home interior design. But, there are some things to consider when doing home interior design in Singapore. Everyone could do interior design but not everyone could do it right, efficient and cost-effective. Your home is a place where you get the maximum comfort. So, when you start with your home interiors, plan them in a manner comfortable for you. Do not overload yourself in everything in one go, but take one step at a time. The most common problem with the interior design process is not being able to figure out where to start. Next comes the problem of planning the home interiors.

Home Interior Design in Singapore

The first thing you should know about home interior design is that you cannot take everything on your plate at once. You need to go step by step in turning your house into your home. Hence, it is always better to plan ahead of starting the actual process of decorating your house. 

There are several considerations to make the arrangement comfortable and visually pleasing. The comfort and visual is not only influenced by matching furniture in the room. The placement of furniture, lamps, plants and various supporting elements is also a determining factor. To avoid bad layout that results in inconvenience, here are some tips on how to design home interior in Singapore.

Know Your Space and Requirement

The first step of the interior designing process is to understand the space and the requirements of each room. There are a few questions you should have an answer for first. Firstly, how many people stay in the house? What is the purpose of designing? What is the thought process behind it? These points are necessary to ponder over.

Having a clear floor plan with a list of requirements is important. Plan your home interiors with a clear vision and you can share your thoughts with an interior designer to help you further.

Plan Your Interior Design Budget

Next is to set a budget for your home interiors. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the interiors of your home. Divide your budget for each room and for your kitchen separately. It will depend on several factors like the size of the room, type of furniture, furnishings and accessories. However, if there is a crunch, you can always opt for easy EMI options. 

Plan Electrical and Plumbing Points

The next step would be to plan all the electrical points and light fittings. It’ll include getting the plumbing and pipeline work done too. Electrical points need to be decided before you start getting the rooms painted or wall paper work done. Lighting plays a significant role while designing the home interiors.

Choosing Colors for Walls

Choosing a colour palette for your walls is the most interesting part of the process. Select colours which will go with the lighting and the furniture. Learn about the different paint finishes if you want to give the walls a texture finish.

Planning for False Ceiling Designs

False ceilings are usually made one foot below the real ceiling. The electrical ducts and points are set through this false ceiling. It has become a vital part of modern home interior designing. Apart from hiding the basic infrastructure like plumbing pipes and electrical wires, it adds to the design of the room.

Flooring Designs and Material

Selecting the right flooring can be a little time consuming task. Gather some information about the types of flooring as you plan the interiors. You can pick hardwood, laminates, tiles or vinyl. The choice depends on the cost, area and the pros and cons of each option available. For example while deciding on the bathroom flooring, you should check if the material used will make the bathroom floor slippery or not.

Choose Home Accessories and Home Furnishings

For each room, you can select different kinds of accessories. Using colourful accessories in your living room and bedroom can accentuate the design of the space. The use of different textures will bring in full and joy. For your bathroom, select the faucets, and other plumbing fixtures well in advance.

Elpis Interior in Singapore

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