10 Easy Small Home Decor Ideas You Can Do in Singapore

06 Oct 2022

Nowadays, living in a small home in Singapore is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice that people all over the country are happily taking up. A small home in Singapore could feel big if you decorate it correctly. You can go to the home decor accessories in Singapore to buy some accessories for your home or maybe you can also read some home decor magazines to get some ideas for your design.

Home Decor in Singapore

So if you are planning to have a home and decor hdb in Singapore, here are 10 easy small home decor ideas you can do in Singapore.

Install Smart Lighting

Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room on floor space like in this room. Swing-arm sconces also free up space on the floor and bring dimension to the walls, an ideal situation for small living rooms. The lighting that is attached to the walls can also make your house look more fancy and elegant. 

Swap a Sofa For a Club Chair

Swapping the sofa for a club chair will not only make your house get more space, but can also make you feel more comfortable. You can put two or three club chairs in the living room for those who want to  have a rest or chill in the living room. If there’s a fireplace, angle them towards it to encourage cozy hangs and conversation while also drawing the eye to it. Most people use this home decor idea in Singapore because it’s good.

Build in Shelving

Whether you inherit a place with an awkward nook or you’re making some renovations to an existing space, build in shelves for extra decorating and/or a storage zone (floating shelves are also an option if you can’t build in). Or, build the bottom shelf so it has enough room to be an extra seating option. Keep them the same color as the wall for a better look.

Pick a Dark Paint Colour

Dark, glossy walls create a sophisticated backdrop for simple, clean-lined pieces and even colorful, bold items. Use the small space to your advantage and make it feel like a jewel-box. Painting your ceilings the same color can enhance the sense of intimacy even further. Then you can go to a furniture store in Singapore for home decor to have fun with brighter furniture throughout.

Display Artwork Strategically

Bring your artwork up to trick the eye and expand or accentuate the height of the room. You can put things such as Ernest Meissonier artwork or Leonardo Da Vinci artwork. A gallery wall might seem too busy for a small space, but it can actually make it feel larger if it extends to the ceiling.

Hang a Chair

Swing chairs are super fun and seem to be having a design moment right now. More importantly, they can be a life saver in a small living room or family room. You can add seating without taking up a ton of floor space, like you would with a traditional armchair.

One Can Never Go Wrong With Greens

Talk about the easiest, simplest, yet the most affordable home decor in Singapore for small homes, plants will be at the center. With plants, you provide the space with additional life while upping the style factor. But, beware of overcrowding the greens and flowering plants. Be mindful of the fact that dull and dead plants will cast an opposite impression. So, if you aren’t sure about putting effort into taking care of the plant, go for faux plants.

Make Ottomans Your Classic Decor Piece

In a small home, the living room surely does a double duty. To ease its work, add ottomans in your living room in place of a coffee table. You can spice it up by adding a statement piece or some flowers. For times when you have guests, use them as extra seating and when it’s family time, utilize them as your footrests.

Display Your Treasured Collection

Make use of the wall space and add a vertical display unit to it. You will notice how the unit will instantly jazz up the vibe of your home and give it a spacious look. Also, this will give you an  aesthetically pleasing storage space. Flaunt the collection of your books or pieces treasured overtime on the display unit and you can associate it with a connection by putting your memorabilia on it.

Don’t Skip The Mirror

Does your home lack a constant  source of abundant sunlight?  Are you tired of creating spaces for light to penetrate your house? Fret no more! Mirrors are your ideal piece of décor as they help in reflecting the light entering your room, making the space appear brighter. You can create a gallery of distinctive mirrors or simply put it against the walls of a room.



Who doesn’t adore the minimalist, Scandinavian style? The largest names in Danish furniture are all housed under one roof at Danish Design, a 1,500 square foot haven for home decor. They have everything: Anna and Signe, Normann Anderssen, and Voll. Although the products aren’t inexpensive, you can be sure of their quality and originality, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to invest in furniture.


Visit this independent concept store where vintage lovers Marko Yeo and Tawan Conchonnet provide timeless Scandinavian styles from the 1940s to the 1970s. From household names like Hans Wegner, Brge Mogensen, and Nils Jonsson, all of whom are pioneers of Danish contemporary furniture, you can anticipate furniture pieces with clean, subtle lines.


Looking for a new designer couch, a fine dining table, or simply some home design ideas? Relax in this lounge, which is also Singapore’s newest monobrand outlet for Fritz Hansen. In order to commemorate this interior design company’s 150th birthday in 2022, a number of reimagined designs, including the Egg and the Swan, have been updated with new fabrics and hues. 


Visit the lovely place to view the latest designs and don’t forget to stop by to view the brand’s iconic collections’ opulent and classic styles. The showroom’s juxtaposition of elegant design with the vintage aesthetics of the Tan Boon Liat Building will also appeal to design enthusiasts.


Here, you may find everything you need for handcrafted furniture and home decor. Elements Concept, which manages every aspect of the production process starting with the material sourcing phase, claims a fusion of Dutch design with Indonesian workmanship. And we can’t forget about the wonderful, all-natural materials used to create the furnishings: the best resort-inspired designs are created with teak, bamboo, rattan, marble, and handwoven cotton. 


Every space in your home can benefit from a breezy statement item that is clean and basic with a hint of the tropics. A rattan basket to store your laundry in elegance or the Sun Mirror to brighten up your vanity area are two alternatives to add a touch of summertime, tropical design to your home.


The Meroni family founded Lema in 1970, and the company has a reputation for superb Italian craftsmanship. Lema still dazzles with its products today. We’re talking about modern, useful things that look fantastic in any home. A good example is the Ortis little table, which will round off your living room decor. Combine it with the Venise modular sofa to create a sophisticated, unassuming environment. 


Invest in the Bule round table for the dining area, which is ideal for hosting parties (it has a lazy Susan!). Love to unwind with a book and a cup of tea? Take a seat in the Maddix lounger and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. The Victor desk is the best option for your home office during WFH days.


If one store isn’t enough to satisfy your fascination with Scandinavian design, check out Danish Design’s sibling business, Kuhl Home. The super-stylish home of your dreams is now more attainable than ever thanks to affordable pricing and top-notch products.


Given the selection of furnishings offered by Originals, owner Geri Murphy has excellent taste. The collection includes authentic teak wood items as well as antique Indian and Indonesian pieces that have been beautifully updated with modern patterns. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of soft furnishings from Korla and carefully chosen accessories from across Asia and Europe.


IKEA shopping is a common guilty pleasure that few of us will admit to. Replace your old, worn-out drapes with some fresh, vibrantly colored ones. To bring color (and cheer) to your home, swap out your floral pillow covers with striped ones for that mod hipster aesthetic. You can also add some indoor plants to liven up drab areas and buy all the pastel-colored mugs on sale out of sheer whimsy.


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