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Have you ever wanted to renovate your home? Perhaps you’re a home improvement junkie and love the thrill of turning an old building into a beautiful abode. Or perhaps you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or even your entire house. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll show you all the ways to turn your home into a beautiful, modern, and stylish space.

Maisonette, the French term for “a small detached house” is an ideal option for renovating your home. It’s the perfect solution if you want to avoid having to pay for large renovation projects. The price of these apartments are often much lower than a traditional home and can offer you a chance to improve upon your current home at a reasonable price.

Here at Hdb Maisonette Renovation we love a great renovation story. We decided to look through our archives and pick out some of our most interesting design inspirations.

1. Contemporary

Unlike minimalist homes, the design of this HDB maisonette incorporates a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors for a modern look.

The tri-colored kitchen island becomes the focal point of the space, while the grid frame and typography quote frame add personality.

While this design is all about keeping up with current trends, the large world map and clocks that hang on the wall in the living room add a personal touch.

2. Luxury

Maisonette homes’ high ceilings and spacious interiors make them ideal for a luxurious, classy design.

This executive maisonette is transformed into a timeless masterpiece by incorporating gold furniture and a marble feature wall. The bathroom exudes a hotel vibe thanks to the glossy tiles and glass shower divider, and the use of an Orchid flower as decor adds to the bathroom’s luxurious appearance.

3. Oriental 

 The oriental or traditional interior design style is warm and homey, despite the fact that it is not widely adopted by many locals.

The use of wood on the stairs, doors, and feature wall adheres to the traditional theme, while the individual decorations on the television console add to the overall oriental vibe.

Wooden surfaces are also used in the home’s balcony flooring and room divider. The light blue table runner with an oriental pattern serves as a subtle link between the overall theme of the house and the otherwise jarring blue sofas.

4. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian interior design style is distinguished by its simple yet functional design. The use of white walls and wooden elements easily distinguishes it. To bring out the Scandinavian aesthetic even more, simply increase the amount of natural lighting in the room, as shown in this home.

5. Sleek industrial look with dark wood and black accents 

This would be Bruce Wayne’s home in an alternate reality where he lived in a HDB maisonette. This project combines rugged industrial with modern contemporary to create a home that satisfies the man cave brief with a dash of understated elegance.

Unlike most L-shaped maisonette kitchens, this one has a glass-partitioned kitchen with statement black cabinetry, a black herringbone tiled backsplash, and a standalone black marble waterfall kitchen island as the focal point.

6. Japanese zen themed

The staircase balustrade was designed to be more minimalist and clean in order to maintain a modern look in the midst of the traditional setting. With a good balance of Japanese and contemporary design, this home makes you feel like you’re entering a modern-day ryokan.

The house is decorated in traditional Japanese style, with tatami mats imported from Japan and zaisu chairs – a type of Japanese floor chair with proper back support. As if that weren’t enough, Sync Interior went above and beyond with the bedroom screens, giving them an authentic look while also allowing natural light to flood in.


In conclusion, the idea is not to be creative in a particular place but to take that inspiration from everywhere and create a new vision of how it can look. It is always important to look at the environment and the space around you to understand the style of the place that you are renovating. It is very important to keep an open mind when renovating and try to add some of the unique features that you can find in your home and use them in the renovation process.

With many years of experience in interiors, Elpis Interior Design offers an honest independent opinion on what would work well in your home and how it will look once printed onto wall paper. This helps you make the final decision and decide which one works best for you!

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