Things You Don’t Know About Singapore’s HDB Bomb Shelters

01 Nov 2022

When Singapore’s HDB decided to build bomb shelters in their high-rise apartments, they did a bit of research beforehand to see what would work best. They wanted to provide the best possible shelter—one that would be both functional and safe. In order to do this, they spent months designing the shelters, testing them, and making changes. They took the time to consider the design, the layout, the materials, and the safety aspects. In fact, the shelters were so well thought out that they’re still used today. 

What Do You Do With a Bomb Shelter?

You are familiar with bomb shelters and their purposes. But what precisely are you intended to do with them in the present scenario? We might as well make good use of them in inventive ways because we aren’t currently using them as a safehouse against nuclear fallout. 

The following are some intriguing uses for your HDB bomb shelter:

  • Create a focal point out of the entrance by adding elaborate paneling, metal inlays, or shelves. 
  • Hold hidden storage spaces under the bomb shelter door with a facade over it. 
  • To incorporate it into your interior design, add a vertical garden, stickers, decals, and wallpaper to the door or bomb shelter entry. 
  • Convert your bomb shelter into a utility room to keep food supplies, exercise gear, and clothing.

Can You Mount a TV on Your Bomb Shelter Wall?

The short answer is “yes”! This, however, partly relies on how the TV is mounted on the entrance to the bomb shelter. Direct drilling into your bomb shelter is prohibited and reduces the level of protection it can provide. Instead, you’ll need to build a false wall to hide the entrance to the bomb shelter, then mount your TV on it.

Can Your Helper Sleep in the Bomb Shelter?

While your assistant can spend brief periods of time in the bomb shelter, it might not be a good idea to sleep there. Your helper may be put in danger if they spend their entire day inside a bomb bunker because they lack ventilation. Instead of using the bomb shelter as your helper’s quarters, try to find an other area to utilize as one.

Can You Paint Your Bomb Shelter Door?

You can paint over typical bomb shelter doors to achieve the desired effect because they come in colors that might conflict with your interiors. In fact, you could go one step further and decorate the door with wallpaper or stickers. Just be careful when remodeling the exterior entry not to drill into it or alter its structural integrity.

Can You Remove Your Bomb Shelter?

Your bomb bunker is there to keep you safe from any upcoming calamity. It cannot be removed from your HDB for the same reason. Additionally, the structural barriers around your bomb bunker are not meant to be hacked or interfered with. Instead, you may use this area as a pantry, storage box, or temporary gym. However, avoid staying within the shelter for prolonged periods of time with the door closed because it is unventilated.

Can the Bomb Shelter be Used as a Room?

Because of ventilation concerns, your bomb bunker can be used as a storage area but not as a bedroom. Although you can utilize this area for leisure purposes, you cannot make significant alterations to it. Use only fixtures and accessories that can be installed without drilling or mounting inside the shelter.

Is an HDB Bomb Shelter Soundproof?

The reinforced flooring and walls in this area can act as soundproofing because they are thicker. Depending on how you use your bomb shelter, this further helps to keep sound out or in.

How Do You Hide Your HDB Bomb Shelter?

You can be inventive in countless ways to conceal your bomb bunker. The front can be embellished with a variety of bomb shelter designs, or the door can be adorned with minimal decor. To blend the entrance into the rest of your decor, think about employing a feature wall, a façade with hidden storage, or laminate sheets.

What Renovation Work Isn’t Allowed in an HDB Bomb Shelter? 

  • It is not permitted to drill, hack, or otherwise alter the internal or external walls of your HDB bomb shelter. 
  • You shouldn’t alter or renovate your bomb shelter’s doors or ventilation sleeve. 
  • The floors of your bomb shelter cannot be covered while you are remodeling. Tiling is permitted, but only if the flooring material is less than 50mm thick. 
  • Fixtures cannot be put deeper than 50mm into your shelter’s interior. Additionally, when installing any such fittings, make sure to only utilize non-metallic inserts and detachable screws.

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