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The needs of interior design are not only for residentials, but also the commercial ones which are seen by public eyes. You might see restaurants, offices, theaters, hotels, or even malls have a variety of differences and eye-catching interiors. But, what are the best commercial interior design firms Singapore so far?

Public areas with a large capacity usually necessitate a taste that must be suited to the demands of many people in terms of designing. Because commercial design is also designed for commercial purposes to draw people’s attention, in addition to being a component of interior demands.

And of course, you must consider hiring an expert commercial interior designer. Hence, if you are looking for the best commercial interior design firms in Singapore, this one is right for you. 

Which Interior Design Company Is Best?

There are many big names of interior designers in Singapore. But have you ever thought of getting a good interior designer for your workspace that will give you satisfaction with good budget planning. Established in 2015 with a young, fresh and impressive portfolio in the field of creative interior design, Elpis became one of interior design businesses based in Singapore.

Elpis will transform the clients’ imagination of their workspaces and focus on quality with a budget planning. Elpis always arranges their schedule with the clients effectively in order to make it short and efficient. Not only that, Elpis keeps improving their cost performance and is fully aware of the significance to increase the timing in their project delivery.

When it comes to interior design, you definitely need a whole package. Not only be the best in designing every detail of the property but also to make plans from the beginning. Elpis, for example, provides all of them, from building a strategy, creating a plan that would be optional for the clients to achieve the best outcomes, and delivering it in a reasonable time. This is a whole package service that will come to you with a minimum budget and can save a lot of money. 

Is Singapore Good For Interior Design?

Singapore, as one of the world’s developed countries, has become a modern country built on modern technology, and it is not surprising that many public spaces here have become highly iconic. Singapore is evolving into a diverse society that values modernisation and the unity of its diversity.

From here, we can see how carefully Singapore considers the interior design of each public space. As a result, there are several interior design firms, ranging from large and well-known firms to young pioneers with remarkable portfolios.

Elpis, a Singapore-based interior design business, incorporates modernism into their design plans. Elpis offers the interior design service, which includes 3D visualization and animation, and it will make your public space more colorful and appealing to the public.

How Much Does an Interior Design Cost in Singapore?

According to Yahoo Finance Singapore, an interior design job can cost anything from S$34,000 for a new 3-room HDB flat to S$234,000 for a landed property. These prices represent the average total cost of projects varying in extent and specificity.

For instance, not all revisions require a whole reconstruction or changes to every area in the house. But that is only for residential areas, and how much will it cost when you want to build your first ever public space?

Commercial interior design firms commonly charge their clients per square footage for the commercial projects. The usual fee per square footage ranges from $10 to $17/sq. ft. As a result, if your client’s kitchen is 250 square feet, your cost will be $3,375 on average.

And if you utilize the interior design rates by square footage approach, you might wish to offer it just for design services and add a percentage for furniture, contractor management, and many more. 

If you are still wondering how much it will cost, well, Elpis offers a full-service package with the best price available.

Tips for you, a price for commercial interior designers is mostly determined by their expertise, skills, and reputation as designers. Therefore, the more inventive and efficient they are, the more justified their interior design expenses will be.

Build Your Outstanding Commercial Interior Design With Elpis!

If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer to help you create your ideal public place, Elpis is the best option! Elpis can offer and design what you need for your workspace while fulfilling your needs within your budget in an efficient time. Contact Elpis if you want to modify your workstation or improve your working environment.

If you just bought an HDB flat, the bathroom may not be the biggest room. Though you can make it the most favorite after the bedroom, especially with a good toilet renovation. Having a well-arranged bathroom is everyone’s dream. What are you waiting for? Go get a cheap toilet renovation Singapore now!

What Should You Do Before Getting Your Bathroom Renovated?

Bathroom is one of the most important places in the home. You can relax, find some inspiration, and clean yourself. Sometimes, you might think that to have a beautiful kitchen and 2 toilet renovation packages costs a lot of money.

In fact, with only a small budget, you can arrange your whole bathroom or even other areas in the home beautifully. There are fish in the sea! Thus, there are many options of furniture that are multi-functional and fit to your wallet.

If you are looking for someone who can give you recommendations regarding bathroom interior design, Elpis Interior is the one you should call! Elpis Interior will provide you not only design planning, but lower each cost needed while still giving the best quality.

Think about the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you must organize the properties well enough so that you will not see a grubby area. Hence, having a bathroom renovation is the best thing to do. You can place multi-functional furniture that should save more space.

But, if you have a bigger area in the bathroom, do not waste anything! Try to fill the empty space with useful things such as putting an extra cabinet for your washing machine. Explore with textures, elements, and even colors. Or maybe try Elpis Interior’s 2 bathroom renovation packages?

Lastly, do not forget to consider your budget. Especially, if you hire Elpis Interior, we will match your own budget with the optional design plans. All are based on your interest as well.

How to Get Reasonable Toilet Renovations in Singapore?

In order to get HDB toilet renovation, consider these ideas that will inspire you!

First, Fixtures

Know exactly where your plumbing is, so you can gain the right measurements for the fixtures. This will help whether you want to conceal the plumbing lines or re-route them. Besides, the interior designer or the contractor can measure everything correctly if you understand how to put this and that.

Relaxing in the Tub or Showering?

Had a long day of work and needed a long bath with a bath bomb and aromatic candles? Consider having a bathtub, then! Although you cannot extend the area in an HDB bathroom, you can always have a bathtub to utilize the current space.

You can go with shower if you are the type of person who does not like relaxing in the tub and just spends a long time doing it. Or, the last option is to combine between the two, so it will result in a shower tub. 

Choose Between Curtains or Shower Glass

Using curtains for your shower is actually cheaper and easier to clean. However, shower glass has a splash guard that looks modern and contemporary. It is all up to you. Though if you are into shower glass, make sure that you use a laminated tempered glass due to its more durability.

Give Some Lights!

For those of you who have a small HDB bathroom, considering having a single and general light source is a good option. You can go with lights that irradiate your vanity and shower areas. Add some accent lights for the wall or have a back-lighted mirror installed. Do not forget to make sure that you have windows or even a touch of bright-colored paintings in order to reflect more of natural light from the outside.

Think about Ventilation

Thanks to the wet surroundings, the bathroom is the perfect place for bacteria and germs to appear. Thus, think of whether you want to add for another ventilation or not. Because, keeping your bathroom dry is the best way to overcome it. You may want to install an exhaust fan to maintain the dryness and reduce the growth of mould.

Toilet flooring, wall, and other aspects of making a bathroom renovation are what you should consider the most. But, if you are looking forward to hiring an interior designer, try to contact Elpis Interior here!

Elpis Interior Will Give You the Best Solution!

Located in 4a Pahang St., you are always welcomed to see our showroom in Singapore! Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been providing a renovation package Singapore and gaining several awards. Thus, hiring us is not a mistake! Along with our 3D visualization and animation, we assure you get the best budget, design, and strategy plannings.

Bored of seeing your bathroom interior design? Or is your bathroom too crowded? Want to redesign your bathroom at an affordable price? It is time for you to renovate it with a bathroom interior design firm Singapore!

We know that all of us need a bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the most important areas at home. We spend a lot of our time in the bathroom without realizing it. It is better to make a comfortable bathroom! Doing a makeover to your bathroom is the best way to make your bathroom look fresher. 

Most homes in Singapore are compact, and that means an even more cramped bathroom. But no matter the size of your bathroom, you can still make your bathroom design look pretty and wide. A simple HDB toilet design is the solution for maximizing the function of your bathroom through the interior design and the furniture.

If you are looking for small bathroom design ideas in Singapore, here are several Singapore bathroom designs that will inspire you!

Bathroom Design Singapore

For those of you who want to make over your bathroom, do not hesitate to contact Elpis. You can obtain project management renovation based on your budget and interest. Are you still confused about choosing your bathroom design? Here are 7 Minimalist Affordable Bathroom Design for you.

Paint the bathroom walls an unexpected shade

There are few cheaper and easier ways to update a space than by giving it a new lick of paint. A softer shade is a space – enhancing choice for a small bathroom. So if you are looking for an on trend bathroom update, choose the pastel color.

You can also paint a bathroom ceiling and you can see the difference. Painted ceilings are a massive trend at the moment and are a really great way to add interest to a space, especially a smaller space like a bathroom.

Create an Ombre Paint Effect

Experiment with on – trend paint ideas is an easy and affordable way to create a new vibe in a tired looking space. Copy this idea and pick two or three shades of varying tones and create a stylish finish with an ombre accent wall.

Brighten and Enlarge a Bathroom with a Mirror 

Mirrors can add a ton of space and light to a room, which is obviously going to make your bathroom feel fresher and larger. Buying a new mirror is some type of way to brighten and enlarge a bathroom. Buy a mirror as large as your space can handle to bounce as much light around as possible.

Decorate with Tile Stickers

We only recently discovered the life-changing properties of tile stickers. You can use them pretty much anywhere. For bathroom use, we recommend finding the water – resistant one and you can stick them over the existing tiles in your shower to recreate a new look and no messy grout or expensive patterned tiles needed. We also can use these tile stickers on the floor too.

Paint the Floor

Instead of renovating tiles in a bathroom which is so expensive, we can paint the bathroom floor to make it different. Painting floorboards has also become a bit of a trend. Hand – painted details add a personal touch you can’t get in many other ways.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can make or break a room so switching it up could be all your space needs to make it feel different. Get rid of any harsh overhead lighting you might have and replace it with softer shade. You can also add some warm wall lights that could completely change your bathroom’s vibe.

Replace Your Bathroom Fittings

If your bathroom fittings, taps, or shower – are looking a bit worse to use, maybe it’s time to get them replaced. They aren’t really something you notice until you change them up.

Elpis Interior in Singapore

Looking for an interior designer in Singapore? Contact Elpis right away! Elpis can help you to renovate your bathroom based on your interest at an affordable price. Elpis offers a complete range of services for the planning, design, and delivery of interior environments. 

Interior designed by Elpis reflects each clients’ goals. Careful material selection ensures an innovative interior environment that accurately reflects clients’ image, values and budget. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elpis now to discuss your new bathroom design!

Bedroom is one of the most important areas in your home. Especially if you just bought a new home or HDB, then you must want to feel the new touch of HDB bedroom design ideas. Renovating or creating a new design for the bedroom is the perfect next step to feel more homey. So, do you want to know some bedroom ideas Singapore?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Old Bedroom?

Sometimes, you might think that having a small 4-room BTO master bedroom design takes much space with lighter quality of furniture. But, actually, you can have the best furniture with multi functional use although you also need to save more space.

Only if you contact Elpis Interior to do the job! With Elpis, we will give you interior design planning, including delivery of interior environments and putting everything to professional work. We can also provide you with small master bedroom ideas Singapore!

But, if you have a bigger space for the bedroom, well, that just means that you have to maximize the rest of the area! In fact, in order to have a 3-room BTO master bedroom design or any types of bedroom do not always cost a lot.

The problem is, you have been mistaken. You can definitely get a beautiful bedroom design with only a minimum budget. There is always a way to make everything possible unless you know how to choose the furniture that fits your budget and functions in the old bedroom as well.

So, How Can You Upgrade Your Old Bedroom?

Easy! Try to hire Elpis Interior as your number one choice in Singapore! And after that, try these master bedroom ideas Singapore or a 3-room HDB bedroom design below!

Bed Frame

If you like the concept of having a bed frame, then you can try putting one on. Bed frames can separate your bed and other areas. It can give you special space. But, try not to expand the bed frame because it would take a lot of space. Make it smaller as you can put your rest stuff to it such as a night lamp or books.

If you want to remove the bed frame, you can fill the awkward space near your bed with a wall rack or hanging rack. Painting it with a DIY wall painting can also make the bedroom stand out.

Built-in Carpentry

Rather than having a huge wardrobe to put your clothes in, you better want to install a built-in carpentry. For example, a storage under your bed, or combine your bed with a wardrobe. Put on some built-in storage for your mirror as well. This can add to the uniqueness because you will not only see the mirror, but when opening it, you will have your things put inside.

Multi Functioned Vanity Cabinet

For those of you who spend most of the time in front of the mirror doing skin care routine or practicing speech, then a built-in storage is perfect! One of the small bedroom ideas Singapore is to have a multi functional cabinet.

To put out all your skin care, body, care, or even stationeries, you do not have to have double cabinets. Just put it in one place, voila, saving space!

Loft Bed is a Good Idea

Have you ever heard of loft? It is a room or space that is made under another space. It can be used for storage or placement of something else. Well, designing your bedroom into a loft style can be a good choice. Other than aesthetic, loft style gives you extra space.

Loft means stacked design. So, basically you can put your bed above, then have a study room or wardrobe under it. Do not forget to put on some lighting that matches the ambience. Interested in loft? Elpis Interior can help you plan your budget for this best quality loft design!

Have Fun with Colors Ideas

If people ask, what are the best bedroom design ideas Singapore? Then, the answers are varied, depending on how each person wants to perceive their bedrooms. One of those many ways is to get more creative with colors.

If you are a fan of modern bedroom ideas, monochrome, black, white, or gray colors are the best scheme. But, if you are into colorful themes, try adding different textures and colors to a different side of the room. Being different is unique, guys!

Upgrading your old bedroom is not hard, as long as you understand the design ideas that can fit your interest! Are you looking forward to hiring an interior design company in Singapore? Try to contact Elpis Interior!

Why Elpis Interior Design?

Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been a great interior design company in Singapore. We do not only design and build, but we plan our strategy along with 3D visualization and animation! Visit our showroom in 4A Pahang St. or give us a call!