7 Guides To The Perfect Cabinet For Living Room

27 Apr 2022

It can be hard to relax when you’re faced with crammed shelves and cluttered surfaces as you settle down to watch TV in your living room. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive home furnishings in order to create a pleasant, calm environment for your guests.

Losing the loving feeling of your living room doesn’t have to mean you live in cramped quarters. The solution? Get more cabinets, and the room is sure to come alive again. We all want to live in a space that looks nice, works efficiently, and where we feel at ease, but living is about so much more than that. You can do better.

Here are 7 guides we have compiled to give you the perfect cabinet for living room ideas:

Multifunction furniture for living room

One way to maximize the space in a room is to use an integrated sofa or window seat that can double as a cabinet in living room. If you don’t want to go custom, then look for coffee tables that have drawers or a lower shelf to maximize your surface If you don’t have enough storage, or you want a place to keep extra blankets handy, an ottoman cabinet is the one for you.

Built-in bookshelf for living room cabinet Singapore

Bookshelves that are at least as tall as the tallest books in the room look great in a living room. This kind of storage allows you to create shelves that go from the ceiling to the floor, as opposed to the traditional wall-to-wall shelving, which is typically used for collection storage.

Is there insufficient floor space? If you want to mount your TV on a sofa, you can either build furniture into your cabinets or create a perfect Nook. If you want to take your home decorating ideas to the next level, you should decorate with more than just furniture and accessories. A custom cabinet shelf is a great way to express your own style.

Create floating shelves for living room cabinet design

Walls are the most versatile type of living room cabinet storage you will ever find.  Wall shelves are great for a rustic and sometimes retro, look. There is no end to the choices you have when it comes to shelves. 

They can be in different colours, sizes, shapes, and designs.  It is easy to find a place for everything because they are so adaptable and they make your space look more organized. To give your walls some character, why not add a coat of paint to them. You can paint your wall in any colour that you want. There are so many great options out there, but if you want something classic, try using white or off-white paint.

Living room cabinet drawers

A cabinet wardrobe is a vital part of any well-dressed person’s everyday life. It’s a good idea to use an extra couple of shelves, especially when you’re looking for a great addition to a living room. If your furniture piece can fit it, then that’s a bonus!

A low and warm mid-century credenza is perfect for an area beneath a TV. If you don’t want to look like a total doofus, consider wall-mounted options with minimal hardware.

Open space living room with a closed cabinet storage

It can be difficult to decide whether to hide your things away or put them on display. To create a cohesive design throughout your living room, you need to think about using open shelving and closed storage in equal parts.

Make your living space more functional by displaying your finer pieces and special items on your open shelves, and keep your less-than-refined stuff in cabinets below. For those who want the open shelf effect but not the open shelf design, look into hanging low shelf units to create a similar look.

Get accessories for cabinet storage

It’s always a good idea to have some storage accessories. You never know when you might need them. Baskets are a great way to add warmth to a space. If you put some smaller ones in a corner, then you’ll have an extra place for storage in the living room area. If you are fond of flea markets, look for items you can use for storage.

This is a great way to hide away matches and batteries, while at the same time acting as a side table. Here are the best storage ideas for umbrellas, and for remotes. You don’t have to limit your creativity to just your closet.

Use your stacks for cabinet 

If you have books that are a little heavy, you could have them stacked vertically in your living room or den. It is a fun and stylish way to store books. Sturdy books can be used to make a plant stand or side table cabinet. A lot of people own magazines. They put them on coffee tables, side tables, and under benches to keep them out of sight.

Get your best living room cabinet with Elpis

When it comes to choosing a cabinet, there are so many factors that go into it. Some people may want to have a cabinet on wheels so they can easily move it around if they ever decide to change the furniture in the room, and many more reasons. With Elpis interior, we can sort the best option for your living room cabinet needs and wants. Call us at +65 6391 9660 for more information.

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