The Ultimate Guides to Choosing Bedroom Doors Singapore

25 Apr 2022

Your doors not only play a role in the aesthetic and overall feel of your home, but they also protect your family from danger, keep unwanted guests out, and keep cold air inside. The best type of door for you will depend on the purpose you want it to serve. 

Most doors can last a long time, but eventually, need to be replaced due to wear and tear. If you have the right planning, you can upgrade your bedroom doors, replace your main doors, and fix a garage door.

Here is bedroom doors guide you should know when you renovate or upgrade your bedroom doors.

Types of bedroom doors

Laminate bedroom doors

In Singapore, the popularity of Laminate doors is increasing. A thin piece of wood with plastic backing is pressed against an exterior door frame in order to make a laminated door. Two pieces of plywood will be used for your semi-solid core, while your internal solid core will be either masonite or composite wood.

If you need a bedroom door that will protect you from the elements, choose a door made of laminated wood. Compared to traditional doors, nyatoh plywood doors, and veneer plywood doors, there are a wide variety of laminated designs for you to choose from. If they want solid core or semi-solid doors for their bedroom, you can decide on that.

Classic bedroom doors

Made of medium density fiberboard, Classic Door is a modern, stylish door made from compressed wood sawdust. It is engineered wood product. It’s lightweight so it’s very stable and won’t warp like natural wood. Its beautiful design resembles the look of a natural wood tree.

Classic Door is a good door at a low price for HDB apartments. If you have enough space in your flat, then get a Classic Door for the flat. It is ideal for homeowners who want their doors painted white or colour.

Nyatoh timber bedroom doors

Nyatoh Timber Doors are made from solid nyatoh timber/panels glued and joined together to create different designs. The Nyatoh Timber Door is a very popular door because it has a very classic and timeless design.

Any size HDB Bedroom door or Kitchen Entrance that is over 30 inches in length and 80 inches in width can be used. However, it is not advisable to paint it as the finishing may not be ideal in the long run.

Veneer plywood bedroom doors

When replacing existing doors, veneer plywood doors are very popular. The wood veneer on the door makes it look expensive, which is why it is popular with Interior Designers. The modern and sophisticated look of the Veneer Plywood Door is popular among our customers.

Bedroom door Singapore price

The cost of your bedroom door depends on the material used for the frame and how big the hole is. Most modern homes have bedroom doors in them. A classic bedroom door can be had for around $480, while a solid bedroom door can be had for around $288. The cost of a bedroom door can vary depending on the type and material of the door.

Here is the general cost of bedroom doors:

Type of Bedroom DoorPrice Range
The solid laminate bedroom door$280 – $600
Veneer bedroom door$320 – $1,200
Classic bedroom door$300 – $650

Bedroom doors inspirations

Go for the mainstream style

A bedroom should be a relaxing and safe space. You’ll find that a darker and more muted color scheme creates a more relaxing environment in which to spend your time. Hence it’s best to go for a classic design.

If you are not sure what door to choose for your bedroom, choose the most popular option available. There are many materials to use for doors, from wood to stainless steel to bronze or copper. Call Elpis interior and we’ll be able to help you create a door that fits in a wide variety of styles for your home.

Try multifunctional bedroom doors

While the traditional approach has always been a linear one, the multiple application door is becoming increasingly popular. Your new home design should always incorporate a wide variety of new technologies.

Sliding doors are a common feature to be incorporated with bi-fold doors and pocket doors. It’s not surprising to see half sliding doors in homes these days, as they provide an inexpensive and easy solution to create a multifunctional space.

Customized your bedroom doors finishing

When it comes to designing a home, the possibilities are virtually endless. It can be very difficult to choose between a few different styles. It’s okay if you get decision paralysis. The best thing to do is to contact professional door designers to help guide you on your door design journey.

Get your best bedroom door Singapore with Elpis Interior

The bedroom door is the first thing people see when they enter your home. It sets the tone for the entire room. It makes or breaks the whole mood of your bedroom. So, it’s important that you choose the right doors for your house. With Elpis Interior, choosing your bedroom door would be a fun and exciting process. Whether it’s getting your bedroom door or HDB bedroom door replacement, Elpis will make sure you get the best of all the choices. Click here for more information.

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