Practical Ideas for Small HDB Bedroom Design Singapore to Optimize Your Space

Musing about a massive bedroom is not wrong. But, that dream seems impossible if you own a small bedroom in an HDB flat. However, who says you cannot really feel the ambience of a massive master bedroom? Surely you can, if only you discuss with an interior designer about bedroom design Singapore, space planning, multi-functional furniture, and more.

When you find your BTO bedroom design feels more like a boring and messy one, stop complaining and start doing something new to remodel it! Bedroom should be one of the most important areas in your home which can fulfill the need to rest and relax. Choosing the right interior designer to do all the work will put you in the most delighted feeling.

Especially if you are looking forward to having a small bedroom design Singapore applied in your old bedroom, contacting Elpis Interior Design is the best option. Elpis can recommend some HDB small bedroom design ideas according to your interest and your dream bedroom with an organized budget planning.

Small HDB Bedroom Designs in Singapore That You Will Love!

Confused about choosing the most practical design ideas for your small bedroom? Do not go anywhere, because here are several HDB bedroom designs that can become your next references!

Colors Can Change Your Perspective

Do you know that colors can change your perspective toward something? For example, if you see a dark-colored room, you might think that the characteristic of the owner is a closed-person, simple, minimalistic, or maybe a loner?

That is the same for the purpose of maximizing your small bedroom. Especially if you choose lighter tones for the main colors, you would probably see your bedroom as a massive one due to the effect the lighter colors have.

You can choose whether to apply white-colored bedroom to make the whole room look spacious and elegant, pastel colors, citrus hues, or even minimalist, semi-industrial theme colors such as black, gray, or white.

Mirrors and Windows

Bring the natural light as much as possible to your bedroom. Put a mirror near the large windows in order to reflect the light and fill the entire room. You can also put a tilted mirror in the corner of your room. That way, the ceiling is reflected through the mirror and it will make the room look brighter and spacious.

To apply small master bedroom ideas with wardrobes, you can install mirrors to your wardrobe door. Besides saving space, mirror doors will make the room more stylish and give an extra illusion of a bigger space as well.

Lighting Is Essential!

Whether it is for an HDB bedroom design with study table or not, you still need to emphasize on the lighting. Try installing a long pendant to make the ceiling look higher and bigger. Or, you can also use wall lights that are built inside a mirror or any accessories. Besides, wall lights will make the space more airy and aesthetic.

Save More Space Through Multi-Functional Furniture

There are a lot of choices regarding multi-functional furniture. The first is platform beds. You can have a secret storage for clothes or other stuff beneath your bed. So, no more extra storage!

Next, use a futon instead of a full-sized bed if you really want to save much bigger space in your small bedroom. The futon can be doubled as a couch when you do not need to sleep yet. Another option is to have bean bags instead of carpet, especially for you who like to hangout with your family or friends in your bedroom!

Lastly, make sure your curtains do not touch the ground because it will only prevent you from creating a bigger space in a small HDB bedroom. You can tie the curtains up or leave them a few inches above the ground.

Put Some Greenies!

There is no wrong in putting some plants in a bedroom, right? You do not need to put big pots of plants, but just try to bring nature closer to the place where you relax the most with indoor plants and small pots. Plus, you can add a vintage hanger to hold your bottles!

Want to Have Stylish Small Bedroom Designs for HDB Flats in Singapore?

Well, it is easy! Just rely on Elpis Interior Design, and we assure you get the most excellent small bedroom interior design in line with your interest and admiration. Since ElpisInterior was established in 2025, there have been several interior design projects that you can see on our website!

If you want to hire an interior designer for your bedroom styling, contact ElpisInterior or kindly come to our showroom in 4A Pahang Street. With Elpis, you will get the best interior design with 3D visualization and animation, budget planning, and high-quality services!

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