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17 Nov 2022

As the world’s most popular destination for international travelers, Singapore is always seeking opportunities to provide exciting attractions to tourists. With its dynamic lifestyle and diverse culture, Singapore is a great place to visit. However, this does not mean that you cannot get an architecture and interior design firm Singapore services. When looking for architectural and interior design firm services in Singapore, here are things you need to know.

What does an interior design firm do?

According to the preferences of a customer, a Singapore  interior design firm uses colors, lighting, textiles, and furniture to create the interior environment of a home or commercial facility. In general, trained interior designers and decorators are employed by interior design firms to collaborate closely with clients as a team. In order to create an environment that inspires a positive response, interior design firms gather suggestions from the customer as well as knowledge of interior design concepts.

Interior design companies blend a space’s general utility and safety with its psychological and aesthetic features. Any area of a house or business building that would provide a comfortable or pleasant environment by utilizing the existing structure might have a trained interior design agency apply a carefully considered design. Instead of attempting to design the interior of a home or business yourself, hire a qualified interior design firm to handle this element.

Contractors commonly hire an interior design business to manage the components located inside the walls of a building when building or renovating a home or store. This can include all the elements that are required for the space to be hospitable and functional, such as the walls, windows, flooring, lighting, and furniture. A qualified interior design company may evaluate the interior design needs of the house or building and envision the overall look and feel of the space in order to develop a strategy to achieve the goal.

​​Are architects and interior design in demand in Singapore?

In Singapore, the need for architects and construction workers will be high as a result of recent construction projects. New construction projects in Singapore, like the Terminal 4 building at Changi Airport and the impending 1,800-bed hospital in Woodlands, are driving up demand for architects and designers with relevant project management experience. 

Singapore’s interior design industry is expanding and becoming more well-known there. There is no denying that more and more young people are attempting to break into this lucrative industry as demand for interior designers increases.

New construction projects in Singapore, like the Terminal 4 building at Changi Airport and the impending 1,800-bed hospital in Woodlands, are driving up demand for architects and designers with relevant project management experience.

Benefits of hiring an architecture and interior design firms in Singapore

The interiors of your office buildings can be planned with the assistance of Singapore interior designers. They may provide you advice on the hues, design, and furniture that best suit your requirements. They frequently have the ability to include your branding in the design. 

Considering that interior design is an art form, consulting with a professional in the subject can be quite advantageous. They must be able to choose accessories, design, and furniture that go well together. With the help of interior designers, you can build a room that is both attractive and useful. They can coordinate your branding’s colors with the colors of your furniture. This will make the place look polished and expert. As a result, workers may feel honored to work in such an environment.

Interior designers are able to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and pleasant for employees. This will make workers more productive. It can also help retain staff because they enjoy coming to work.

How to choose the right architecture and interior design firms in Singapore

Budget of Your Home Renovation

You should have a list of questions ready to ask your house designer before hiring them. If you’re wondering how to hire an interior design firm in Singapore, You will receive guidance for hiring an interior designer as well as the renovation budget. Many reputable interior designers will be able to create spaces that fit within your budget, but they will let you know right away if your budget does not align with your objectives.

Payment Terms

Understand the payment terms of the contract before hiring an interior designer. Negotiate the payment schedule with your qualified interior designers in advance, making sure it matches your cash flow.


In everything, communication is always crucial. If the designer you are beginning to work with does not fully understand what you want in your design and how to keep it alive, it will be challenging.

Project Timeline 

You should ask yourself as well as your interior designer company Singapore about the project’s schedule. A Singapore interior design firm will want to adhere to a reasonable timeframe as much as possible, but there may be some unexpected complications and delays.

Their Past Projects

You should also find more about the personal style, design sensibilities, and professional history of your interior designer. The majority of interior design companies will naturally be happy to show you their website and online portfolio upon request.

Ask Warranties

Many interior design companies offer a warranty on their work. Some people might just pay attention to offering a warranty on the construction supplies. No matter the circumstance, make sure you understand the terms and circumstances that underpin these promises and ask questions about them. Before you sign the contract, it is more important to make sure that this information has been explained to you in the terms and conditions.

Signature Style

You need to be aware of their individual unique styles. You may save a ton of time by selecting the interior designer firm Singapore based on their design aesthetic. It is due to the sheer number of businesses and their disparate business models. Singaporean interior design companies frequently specialize in just one kind of design. You ought to look for a designer who emphasizes your personal taste. For instance, if you want a rustic design for your house, you should look for a designer who specializes in that style.

Project Schedule

You can also inquire about the best time to hire an interior designer when making your selection. Before you start a project, it’s a good idea to have a schedule in mind. You should discuss your project’s start and end dates with the interior designer to see whether your timeline and theirs are compatible.

How much are interior design fees in Singapore? 

Your interior designer will receive remuneration for the time and effort they put into planning and organizing the layout of your home in the form of a design fee. An agreed-upon fee, an hourly rate, a fixed rate, or a percentage of the project’s cost are all possible forms of compensation. Having said that, a company may be a red flag if they demand payment in cash, require a deposit greater than 20% to 30%, or ask you to make checks payable to a different party than the interior design firm you are hiring.

The floor space, labor, materials, and other ancillaries will all have an impact on the design costs. General design fees for either a HDB or a condominium would be in the region of $1,500 to $6,000. Before selecting to hire an interior designer, you could want to ask for a free consultation. This will allow you to evaluate their abilities. Depending on the provider, different Singapore home designs cost different amounts. The cost rises as the designers’ level of experience does.

Because there is a distinction between interior design and decorating, do your research before hiring a company by reading reviews and speaking with past clients. For certain projects, the following pricing range is common for interior design packages in Singapore:


Type of Housing Estimated Cost
3-room BTO SGD25,000 to SGD45,000
4-room BTO  SGD33,000 to SGD58,000
5-room BTO  SGD38,000 to SGD65,000
3-room resale  SGD30,000 to SGD65,000
4-room resale SGD38,000 to SGD73,000
5-room resale SGD50,000 to SGD82,000
Condominium (according to size) SGD40,000 to SGD120,000


Elpis Interior

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