7 Easiest Ideas to Organize Your Wardrobe

15 Apr 2022

It’s challenging to keep a closet of any size clean if you have a walk-in wardrobe or a small storage pantry. If you’re tired of seeing clothes hanging askew, shoes and scarves scattered all over the floor, and dust bunnies behind those purses you can’t reach, then it may be time for a major.

Home organizing can have a positive effect on your emotional state. You don’t need a camera crew or an organization expert. You can start small, and you can scale up if it works. Having a plan for organizing your closet is a good start. You’ll be surprised at the items in your wardrobe. You’ll always know where your favorite sweater is, your prized pair of jeans, and your go-to work button-down.

Here are the easiest ways to organize your wardrobe:

Use a shelf partition for your folded clothes

This might be your best wardrobe organizer idea. You can keep your folded clothes in neat piles with a simple shelf divider. You can keep your clothes tidy and organized with a multi-functional shelf divider. The partition can be tailored to fit in any cabinet or closet. The shelf divider is made from wood and has five shelves that hold clothing or other items. 

When you purchase or collect these storage units, labels, and dividers, you might consider how to select what to place in each closet zone.

  • Stick accessories on walls or their shelf.
  • Consider subdividing items by color if you’re a visual organizer (again, in rainbow order).
  • Keep high-use items easy to access; tuck low-use things away.
  • Divide items by type, such as jeans, sweaters, and dresses. 
  • Arrange items based on height and bulkiness: Tops go on lower racks or shorter shelves, pants go on a hook rack or mid-level shelf, and long dresses and bulky coats go on higher racks and spacious shelving.

Maximize your space

If you have a room in your home that could be used for something other than a bedroom, you should consider using it for storage space. You can determine how much potential there is in your closet by looking at your home’s available shelving and freedom.

When it comes to the design of your office, are you using your entire office for work, or do you have a designated corner that you use as a wardrobe? You’ll probably have a cleaner and more relaxing bedroom if you take out your clothes rack.

Get additional draw racks if you can

Do you have a small space or no closet? Investing in a good clothes rack will make organizing and dressing much more accessible. With a tall wardrobe, you can create extra room for your clothes, shoes, and other essentials. You can get this type of drawer at the IKEA organizer drawer.

Organize the placement of your shoes

Shoes take up a lot of wardrobe space, but you can find many ways to reorganize them. Here are a few of the best wardrobe organizer techniques for your boots:

  • Bring them off the ground with a rack or shelf.
  • Pre-built shelves can be used to display by color, type, or size.
  • Use shoeboxes or shoe crates as a simple DIY purchase. They fit nicely in your closet and require little effort.
  • You can put these on the back of the bedroom door to save more closet space.

Try a vacuum sealing

A vacuum seal can save space when you need to store a lot of stuff in small closet space. A home vacuum and some trash bags are all you need to do this trick. Put your vacuum-sealed items on the top shelf or back of the closet until you are ready to use them.

Create a dresser below your hanging coat

Add a drawer to your closet to make it easier to find your favorite pieces when you need them. This frees up space in your bedroom and makes it easier to store things. You don’t need to install this, just put it where you want it, and add your stuff there.

Use a vertical hangers

Store your clothes in the proper place, and you will save lots of space and get much more organized. Instead of using a standard hanger, try hanging multiple items on the same hanger using specialized hooks that take up less vertical space.

Want to eliminate your closet clutter? If you’re in the midst of a closet makeover, these closet organization ideas will help you work within your home’s square footage; whether you’re redesigning on a budget or building a new walk-Whether or not you’ll ever decide to tackle your whole house, it’s time to stop procrastinating. You don’t have to go it alone.

Lucky for you, Elpis Interior is going to help you avoid this. To keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories in order, it’s essential to consult with an interior designer. This will ensure everything stays tidy and organized in the closet. Visit our office at 4A Pahang Street Singapore 198605 or call us at +65 6391 9660 for more information!

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