4 Room HDB Renovation Ideas

18 Mar 2022

When you are looking for renovation ideas for 4-room HDB apartments, you can become overwhelmed with the number of choices that you come across. There are several different types of interior design themes and styles that will go quite well in a 4-room HDB flat. There are often mixes of 2 or more design themes that can also look quite good according to your requirements.

But many times, unless you see how those different themes and designs are being implemented in actual homes, you are just unable to visualize how they will look in your own apartment. This is the reason that we have consolidated some of the portfolios that are designed by us where you are able to see the different interior design themes and styles implemented in actual 4-room HDB apartments through which you can draw inspiration for your own homes.

Whether you are designing your home from scratch or renovating certain aspects of the apartment, these portfolios will give you a starting point of how you want things to move forward with respect to interior design. Check out the following ideas.


In this beautiful mix of modern, industrial, and luxurious design elements, anyone can draw inspiration to the harmonisation of design elements of these supposedly different interior style themes. A simple modern touch is achieved primarily through the use of beige and grey colour with just the right amount of texture, accents and pop of other colours added to the mix that gives a luxurious vibe to the space. Such an elegant and luxurious interior design style suits condominium interior designs in Singapore very well!

The main essence of luxury is achieved through the use of the colour blue in a subtle yet dramatic effect. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in an open concept living space where several elements of the interior design are used to create a luxe atmosphere. A dose of navy blue in the cabinetry provides the right balance of richness and intensity in this elegant space, going well with the kitchen countertops that are luxuriously marble tiled.

A clean white look coupled with matching marble countertops and tiles certainly accentuates a timeless, luxurious vibe amidst a casual and cosy setting. The kitchen stools are made of golden steel which adds to the luxury of the design. The black wrought-iron cabinets in the kitchen add that touch of industrial style to the design. Different forms of statement lighting and chandeliers complete the look.


The beautiful and dramatic contrast of grey and wooden tones along with fresh and vibrant colours in this 4 room HDB renovation ideas is a perfect inspiration for anyone who wants a lively and dramatic abode for themselves. The colours used in this interior design along with the selection of furniture and decorative project a very striking style and mood into the space.

The living space appears simple, elegant, and sophisticated which is dominated by the colours grey, brown, and oak. The design is kept minimal and elegant with only one wall of the room dedicated to featuring home family photos. Different shades of grey accompanied by wooden textures and gold accents make for an elegant living space where you can relax and unwind. White curtains go well with the warm wooden tones and cool greys, while soft cove lighting in the ceiling gives a sense of homeliness to the interior.


This 4-room HDB flat has a unique and beautiful interior design that features an open-plan living, huge windows, and wooden textures that add a touch of classic British Colonial vibes, minimalism, and aesthetics into the space. Cool-toned earthy colours and the use of natural materials make for a blissful, relaxing and tranquil interior. The colours black and soft chalky white dominate the overall design where dark timber wood and vintage-inspired furnishings are incorporated to add a colonial touch, giving the home its unique appeal.

In the living room, the floors are kept of dark wood colour whereas the furnishings are a mix of leather and cane. Spacious and filled with airiness, do not be afraid to knock down some walls to achieve this effect. Injections of rich dark green were introduced into the natural earthy colour palette of browns drawn from leathers, teak and rattan. The white walls contrast the dark wooden floors whereas the large floor to ceiling cupboard that resembles huge file cabinets adds a touch of character to the design. Beautiful indoor plants brighten the space with a lovely touch of nature, giving the home life, colour and an elevated cosiness as compared to before.

All these designs for a 4 room HDB renovation ideas take on many elements of several different design styles and mix them together to create unique spaces and areas which are bound to impress anyone who steps into the space. The end result is a beautiful, elegant, modern, and cosy home where you can feel relaxed after a difficult and hectic day at work!

The designs of these interiors and many other projects that are done by us can help inspire new ideas and designs for your own home interiors and renovations. We at ELPIS provide services for BTO or Resale HDB renovation, condominium renovation and landed property renovation for homeowners in Singapore. Start building your dream house with us today!

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