4 Room HDB Living Room Design Ideas For A Modern Room

20 Jul 2022

The living room is an integral part of a Singaporean home, especially in the case of flats. This is where you and your family hang out and enjoy each other’s company, watch TV and play games. Hence, it’s important to have a well-designed and furnished living room, because you’ll spend a significant amount of time there every day. 

In today’s modern era, the living room has become a major part of our home. Not only is it the place where we spend most of our time but also the main gathering space for family, friends and loved ones. This is why it is very important to give it the attention and design it deserves. You might be thinking of buying new furniture for your living room, but it is best to try to make it a bit modern and elegant. You can add in some bold colors and designs to make it look like the other rooms in your house. Below are 4 living room design ideas which will certainly make your living room look modern and elegant.

Maximize the living room function 

means ensuring that you make the most of your living room by using it for as many different things as you can. For instance, if your living room is small, check to see if it can fit a computer or a television. In this situation, your living room could also be used for studying. You don’t have to utilize it as your only study space in the house. 

Because of this, the living room’s use should be maximized. This implies that you should give careful thought to every aspect of your living room. In reality, you ought to be able to make the most of your living room’s utility without sacrificing its natural, clean appearance.

Wall mirror in HDB living room

Your living room’s appearance will improve thanks to it. It is one of the best decorating suggestions for your 4-room minimalist HDB design. Your living space will appear more beautiful and airy as a result. You can arrange your living room furnishings to maximize the available space. You can accomplish this by hanging a mirror on your wall. To create the impression that your home is larger, use mirrors in other areas. You must be certain that you are aware of the products you wish to display on the shelves. You can install built-in shelving to your living room if there isn’t enough room. If you want to create a shelf, it is wise to get expert help.

Built-in shelves for storage

If you are using a small living room, you can create some built-in shelves to maximize the functionality of your 4-room hdb bto renovation ideas. This can help you to increase the storage capacity of your living room as well. There are many advantages of creating built-in shelves for storage or display. One of the reasons why it is useful is because you can save space in your living room. Built-in shelves allow you to store and display items in a space-saving manner. It doesn’t matter what size your living room is. The best part about built-in shelves is that they can help you to make your living room appear more spacious. It is important that your built-in shelves are attractive.

Light colour palette

Your living room’s appearance can be significantly improved by using a light color scheme. Choose something light, like white, cream, or pale yellow, if you’d want to stick with a light color palette.

However, if you don’t want to go with such a light colour scheme, then you can still choose a light colour. You can choose anything that is lighter than the background of your living room, but do remember that it should not be too bright! A simple example is choosing an orange colour, which is lighter than your carpet, but it should not be so bright that it becomes distracting and overwhelming.

Elpis Interior is here to help! We have a suitable 4 room HDB living room design that comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. We also offer interior design 4 room HDB services in Singapore, so you don’t even have to lift a box! The design is a classic look that has its roots in the functionalism of modernism and the simplicity of everyday life. With many years of experience in interiors, we help you maximize your 4 room HDB living room design in Singapore while keeping everything organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily whenever you need it.

We make use of 3D rendering and animation

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