7 Stunning Open Concept Kitchen Ideas For 4 Room BTO

23 Mar 2022

Open concept kitchens have been made available as an option for 4 Room BTO sale launches. They are gaining popularity among young homeowners, with 7 in 10 homeowners opting for them, according to HDB.

Not only does this layout open up and brightens the space, but it also gives you more options and better flexibility when designing your home. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled 7 creative open concept kitchen ideas for 4 room hdb bto open concept kitchen!

1. Semi-Open Concept Kitchens With Glass Doors

If you like having the option to close your open concept kitchen, semi-open concept kitchens might be the one for you. Choose from hinged or sliding glass doors – it prevents the cooking fumes from escaping into the living room without compromising your sense of spaciousness. When not in use, you can neatly tuck it away.

You can choose between frameless or framed glass doors, depending on what suits your home decor. If you’re going for a seamless and elegant look, consider frameless glass panels. For an industrial and contemporary look, black frames are a good choice. If you like fresh and modern, go for white frames instead! 

2. Separate The Wet & Dry Cooking Areas

Another trend that homeowners of are adopting is dividing up their kitchen into 2 areas – the dry and wet cooking areas. The wet cooking area is where the sink, cooking hob, and cooker hood are located. When you whip up a scrumptious meal, the cooking fumes will be contained within the enclosed space.

The dry cooking area, on the other hand, is where food preparation occurs. Oftentimes, the fridge, oven and kitchen island/peninsula is located there – it’s the ideal set up to mingle with your guests while you prepare the food. 

With these ideas in mind, it’s time for you to get inspired and plan out your dream of 4 room bto open kitchen design! Open concept kitchens are great, especially in small spaces as the lack of walls makes your space more fluid and gives you endless design possibilities.

3. Open Kitchen With Built-In Banquette

For a cosy and relaxed dining ambience, consider adding a built-in banquette in your kitchen! Not only do these seats double as storage space (look at all those shelves!) but it also eliminates the need for a separate dining room. To create a bold banquette, opt for patterned and vivid upholstery fabric.

If you’re tight on space, combine the banquette and the kitchen island! Having a banquette is a comfortable alternative to a breakfast stool, especially if you’re sitting for long periods. This space doubles up as a work desk for you and your little ones to complete your tasks!

4. Open Concept Kitchen With Serving Hatch

Do you want a kitchen that’s a little more closed-off but you’re still able to open up to see the living room? Having a kitchen serving hatch, also known as an access window will be the perfect solution.

You will be able to pass food and drinks quickly to the dining table instead of making multiple trips to the kitchen. Add bar stools to the serving hatch and turn it into a breakfast bar too!

When you’re doing heavy cooking, simply close up the space with glass panels or windows. For lighter cooking, open up the hatch and chat with your family and friends as you prepare the meal.

5. Kitchen Peninsula With Breakfast Bar

For those of you who are in a 4-room BTO flat and are tight on space, a kitchen peninsula is a great alternative to a kitchen island. While a kitchen island stands on its own, a peninsula is an extension of the kitchen as it is attached to a wall on one side.

With a peninsula, you gain extra space for food prep, storage and even dining! Instead of investing in a separate dining table, you can save space by using the peninsula as a dining area. 

6. Adding Kitchen Island For Extra Storage

Many young homeowners love the idea of having an island in their kitchen and understandably so. There are many benefits to having one – not only does it create extra storage space, but it can also be used as an additional food preparation area, dining table and even a work desk.

To keep your space flexible, you can opt for a movable kitchen island. If you need more storage space, consider getting a kitchen island with side storage shelves!

7. Swap Kitchen Island For Dining Table

While kitchen islands are really popular among young homeowners, others might want to opt for a dining table instead. By adding a dining table in your kitchen, you can turn it into a cosy eat-in space and eliminates the need for a separate dining room.

In addition to that, the open space underneath the table can create an illusion of a spacious floor space, which is especially great for smaller 4 room bto open kitchen design.

With these ideas in mind, it’s time for you to get inspired and plan out your dream 4 room hdb bto open concept kitchen ! 4 room bto open kitchen design are great, especially in small spaces as the lack of walls makes your space more fluid and gives you endless design possibilities.

As you plan your space, keep in mind that your kitchen should have a smooth workflow between the sink, kitchen hob and refrigerator. To help you through this process, check out ELPIS.

With ELPIS, we can help you achieve your dream of having stunning 4 room hdb bto open concept kitchen design. Regardless of your housing unit size, we will transform your home into a beautiful reflection of your style and taste.

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