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28 Apr 2022

Aside from BTO flats, the 3-room resale flats are another option for public housing in Singapore. There was a jump in HDB resale purchases from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021, an increase of almost 29%.

Buying a resale flat can be difficult if you don’t have a good understanding of how resale transactions work and whether you want to buy 3 room resale flat Hougang, a 3-room resale flat with balcony, or HDB 3-room corner flat. Depending on the buyers, sellers, and any potential delays in submissions and coordination of the process, this process can take between 2 and 3 months.

Here is a guide on the process of buying a 3-room resale flat.

Why do people choose to buy HDB Resale flats?


People are choosing to buy a resale flat because it’s a fast track to homeownership. For instance, the purchase process usually takes three months, from putting down the option fee to the key collection. Many people think that resale properties are only good for people who have more money than they need or who are just starting out in life.


Resale flats are more expensive than new BTO flats, and there would likely be a need for a more extensive renovation, which would add to the expenses. Prices have been increasing in the last few quarters. However, the number of resale flats sold increased by 4.3% in 2020 compared to the previous year. 

Things you should note before buying an HDB 3-room resale flat

Take note of the conditions before you buy an HDB resale.

  • You have to dispose of the existing HDB flat within six months of your resale purchase. If any of the applicants own private property in Singapore or overseas, there are the same rules.
  • The Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore PR (SPR) quota for a group or block of houses.

    You can go to the HDB website to see if there are any openings left in your eligibility group.

Steps for buying your 3-room resale flat in Singapore

Your eligibility to buy a 3-room resale flat in Singapore

Similar to the eligibility for BTO flats, you must form an eligible family unit to purchase a HDB flat or be 35 years old and above to purchase as a single. You need to meet the other requirements. For example, if you’re buying a home to live in, buyers can only have one property at a time, and they’d have to get rid of it within six months of purchase

For finances, it depends on what kind of financing you’re using. Apart from our regular savings, we might also be eligible for HDB housing grants and apply for housing loans to buy our own homes.

Register to buy

When you register with HDB, you will be given the chance to confirm your eligibility. It is necessary for you to fill in our particulars, as well as those of any essential occupiers. It would take around 10 minutes for the process to be completed. You need to meet the requirements in order to have a successful registration of intent. If you’ve registered, you will be ready to accept any option to purchase from the potential sellers.

Search your 3-room resale flat without third parties

At this point, you can start looking for a home. When you’re ready, you can find houses online. You can work with a property agent to source and manage your HDB resale purchase process. If you engage a property agent, you will have to pay for their commission which could add 1% or more to the transaction cost.

Home prices that have been transacted in the same area should be used as a reference. Being a resale buyer, you need to pay attention to the remaining lease period.

Receive the option to purchase from the seller

Once you and the flat seller agree on the resale flat price, the seller (and their salesperson, if any) must fill up an option to purchase (OTP) form and hand it to you. If you agree to sell your items for a higher price, you will get a cut of that increased selling price for the rights to list your products. This is called ‘negotiable options’.

This option fee ranges from $1 to a maximum of $1,000.

You’ve completed your transaction. The flat seller and yourself have entered into a binding contract for the sale of the property. If they cannot grant you another OTP until you do not decide to take the OTP they granted you within 21 days, then they can’t. This login information has expired. Please log in again to access your account.

Request a valuation report

You will need a valid valuation report if you are:

  • Taking an HDB loan;
  • Taking a housing loan from a bank;
  • Using CPF funds to buy the flat or service monthly loan instalments.

The valuation report will be used by the HDB, the CPFB or your bank to calculate:

  • How much you can withdraw from your CPF savings;
  • How much housing loan can be granted to you; and
  • The minimum cash payment you must make.

Complete the resale checklist for buyers

You are expected to complete or endorse the resale checklist for buyers when you use the One-Time Password feature to purchase.

Exercise your option to purchase

If you choose not to buy: After the OTP is received, it expires at 4 pm, 21 calendar days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) from the date that the seller granted you the OTP. For example, if the seller gives you an OTP on 1 April, the OTP expires on 22 April at 4 pm.

The option fee that you paid to the flat seller will not be refunded. 

If you decide to buy: 

Sign the OTP within 21 calendar days. After you have signed the OTP, you may hand it to the flat seller or their salesperson. You’ll need to pay a deposit before you can move in. The options you’ve bought previously will not exceed $5,000 in value.

Submit the resale application

You must submit your application to Amazon.com at the same time as you apply to us. Besides that, both portions must be submitted within the previously agreed number of days on page 4 of the OTP.

You can submit your resale applications through both systems, although it’s usually best to use the same system as the seller.

Attend the first and second appointment

First appointment

The second party to submit their portion of the resale application will book a first appointment at HDB. In addition to being signed by a notary, the document must be delivered to the purchaser with a letter from the seller that states that the sale is valid. You may refer to the enquiry on available dates for resale first appointment eService to see available dates and time slots.

Both the buyer and seller can make subsequent changes to the date and time of the appointment at any time by logging onto My HDBPage (with the consent of both parties).

Second appointment

The second resale application will be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after the first one is approved.

The second resale application will be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after the first one is approved.

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