15 Stunning Ideas To Update Your 3-Room HDB Design For 2023

15 Dec 2022

When you’re looking for a place to live in a 3-room HDB, you probably want a simple layout with a big living space. Some houses are made of steel, others concrete and even wood. Flat designs have many materials that can create a flat look.

Factors such as age, income level, family status, job, marital status and number of children all play a part. You can follow these design tips and make your HDB look great.

How big is a HDB 3-room?

HDB apartments have information on the official website of the National Housing Board. One of them is the size of three or four rooms, or HDB 3-room flat, and has a bathroom attached to it. 

2 room apartments are 36 sqm, 2 room flats are 46 sqm, and 3-room flats are 66 sqm. A 3-room apartment can be 20 to 30 sqm larger than a 2-room apartment. You can opt for many of these size HDB at skyline 2 bukit batok floor plan.

Here are several ideas you can apply to update your 3-room HDB designs to stay on trend and keep your HDB 3-room resale flat price value relevant:

Try modern design for your HDB 3-room



ADDRESS: 353B Anchorvale Lane, 353 anchorvale lane

A simple yet stylishly clean apartment is created through a subdued color scheme of grey, white and black. This space is designed to have a dark wood floor and to give it an edgy feel. Don’t be afraid to draw the lines. Some spaces in your home are for family time while others are for entertaining friends or lounging with loved ones.

A dining room bench is a great way to add extra seating in your living area. To create a more orderly work space, it’s best to use the wall-mounted shelves for books and the desk for your laptop.

You can make the shelving taller by using taller-looking items as your shelf dividers. It’s important to ensure your living room is designed to accommodate the furniture you want to use, as well as the height you choose for your furniture. Custom-made furniture is a great option when space is limited. The new HDB apartment you’re going to buy has clean and sharp lines.

Rustice design for more natural look

This 3-room HDB house offers a beautiful outlook, and it’s also very quiet here, too. A modern, sunny and colorful bedroom should include a neutral color scheme, symmetry and a splash of flair.

If you want your home to look elegant and stylish, then make sure your style is consistent throughout the house. You’ll want to get your hands on this beautiful collection, with its honeycomb flooring and rich wood cabinetry. It’s a stunning addition to any home. A textured floors are designed to give this design the look and feel of a classic stone floor, but without the high price tag of real stone.

Muji design for a simpler look

This is beautiful, clean, and simple—however, you don’t have to give up the convenience of having three rooms in one apartment. Contemporary, fuss-free homes have been created using natural materials and hues, with a few pops of color here and there.

The textures of plywood and wood are present in this living room. In the entire store, only one room is entirely made of white material. Bright decorations can make your bedroom more interesting. It’s all about the accessories when it comes to making a room feel vibrant. A fun, trendy accessory or statement piece will bring a whole new dimension to your room.

You can incorporate elements of modern style, a neutral color scheme, and clean, uncomplicated, and functional lines in the Muji-inspired living room. With this design, you don’t need a big, sprawling kitchen to cook up a delicious meal. An open, roomy 3-room HDB kitchen is the perfect spot for a quick and easy meal preparation.

Incorporate industrial design for more raw and edgy look

If you are looking for a modern home, an industrial style is the way to go. It will make your home seem larger and more spacious, and will reflect your minimalist preferences. With its industrial design, this design makes a bold statement about who lives there and what they value. You can use a brick wall to give an open-plan living area a more edgy look.

This is a great approach for a HDB 3-room flat that offers open storage spaces for every room. The perfect kitchen island with a modern look and style makes cooking fun and relaxing. It also saves valuable space in your kitchen.

Paint your cabinetry white, then paint the cabinets black to bring out the details. Then, use a dark stain on the doors and base trim. If you want to decorate your home more interiorly, you can also include a 3-room flat design picture. This will make your room more comfortable for you to stay.

Use mirrors and glass

Using more glass is arguably one of the best ways to decorate a small interior. There are so many options and resources available in the transformation of a house, both in the aesthetic and practical sense. Glass panels, folding doors and mirrors create the illusion of more space, giving your eyes the experience of travelling further into the room. During the day, natural light enters your home and reflects around the house, illuminating your rooms. This makes your furniture and artwork look much better.

You can use your creativity and hack down walls that separate your rooms. Using clear glass doors and panels allows you to link adjacent spaces together. You can see through them to create a clear visual connection. You can also use it as your HDB entrance design to make it look bigger.

Another great alternative is opting for reflective materials such as bright lacquered walls or glossy tiles. A highly reflective house is the same as a mirror, as light bounces around to create a brighter, airier interior. You can set up your living room differently by building a display showcase to house your books or electronics.

Adding wooden elements

Wood is one of the most versatile materials to use when renovating. It works well with many interior design styles and gives your space a roomy feel. For example, you can bring natural warmth into your bedroom and living area by adding veneered cabinets or a wooden wardrobe to a less stark and sterile space.

A quiet, muted colour palette in your bedroom will make it feel more sophisticated. For more impactful results, you can add a few modern features to create a unique look for your home.

Maximize your space

You can improve your HDB  3-room or BTO 3-room layout by using more space-saving tricks like wood or glass. You can even get a more clever design. Use a good furniture system to make the most out of your available space.

Go for ottomans that have built-in storage or bedframes with drawers. Keeping up with some of the amenities in your home will give you a more spacious home. Make sure to make every square inch of space in your home appear cluttered. Do not place items everywhere as it may make your abode look cramped and claustrophobic.

Ensure that your living room furniture is spaced out properly. This can make your living space feel more spacious. One of the easiest 3-room BTO design hacks is to use sidewall tables. You can make use of extendable pieces. You will be able to keep your space clean.

You can bring a modern feel to your 3-Room HDB

If your living room doesn’t have a little something to make it exciting, why not bring in some cool décor items? You can combine a subtle look with a simple white interior. The textured gray brick backsplash is a wonderful contrast for this kitchen with its bright white appliances.

Sort your electronic appliances

Since you don’t have much space in your basement, you need to find creative ways to hold your electronics. There’s no need to have dozens of appliances if you only use a few. It’s possible to reduce the amount of floor space a refrigerator needs by buying more efficient models and appliances. You can use the open-plan 3-room HDB interior design to store all of your electronic appliances.

You can make your floor space look more spacious by removing the need for another media console. It is important that you choose electronic appliances that compliment your interior design. You risk overcomplicating the overall style with design choices that are not in line with the style.

Use some fresh colours

Space doesn’t have to be large to make a statement. If you have a small space, your statement will probably be more grand and dramatic.

Homeowners prefer cool, calm, and even-toned spaces, because they feel more inviting. They’re more relaxing, and the space feels cosier. If you want your home to have a little more personality and character, you can add some colour by choosing some of the right colours for the walls, trim, flooring, etc. Whether you’re looking for a floral kitchen countertop or a bright red living room cabinet, you’ll introduce a fresh dose of colour and personality into your homogenous interior

Adding a pop of colour to your HDB flat will add liveliness and eye-catching appeal. You can further elevate your interior by adding in details such as colourful textured tiles, as kitchen backsplash or as feature wall in your living area. Don’t forget to add some pop to your toilet design. You can also add a frame or even wallpaper to match.

Go with a light colour scheme

In addition to being a great colour, white is an excellent option for creating clean, cohesive and contrasting colour schemes. With a fresh coat of white paint, your home will instantly look brighter and more airy. Of course, you don’t want your living space to feel clinical and dull. Instead, you want it to be bright, colorful and inviting!

Add a variety of textures, such as fabrics, rugs, and other types of material to make the living room more interesting and attractive. When you have only two sets of walls facing each other, you can only use a set of walls facing each other. You need to provide a clean, polished, and welcoming vibe to your space.

Or choose the dark colour scheme

But don’t be afraid to try something new, either. Picking up some dark tones can create a modern and elegant look for your home. Darker walls give a more intimate and cosier feel. Mix them up with some muted colors like muted white, gray, and taupe to create a more tranquil living space.

Black is a great color to use in your kitchen, as you’ll always know if it’s time to clean your stove and oven. Kitchen remodeling projects are great examples of how to bring in more home value while enhancing your space.

Opt for a monochromatic theme

The Monochrome trend is going strong in 2018. It’s a great time to embrace this trend. For a contrasting palette of black and white, an illusion of a bigger space is created. Add extra storage space to your house with just a little touch. You can do this easily, quickly and cheaply.

Stick with the principles of cohesiveness and practicality

Buy a set that fits properly, and ensure all the furniture you purchase fits together perfectly. Keep things simple by using a complementary colour palette. You can make your interior look fresh and light or dark and moody, depending on what you decide to put inside it. In this scenario, you can bring in a cream or dark blue sofa. Pair this set with other furniture and a few decorative objects to create a unique living area.

Finally, you should not be afraid to expose pipes, bulbs, and wires. This type of door adds an amazing look to any kitchen. This way, you can watch your cooking from the comfort of your couch.

Hack down your walls for a bigger space

You can make your living room feel bigger by hacking down the walls. A bigger bedroom means the homeowners have a home office near their bed. You can try an open kitchen if you want to entertain guests while making a great meal. You can indicate different colors for the walls and furnishings in separate rooms.

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